CAGE and KANO Models for Voice of Customer in Excel

Use a voice of the customer matrix to gather customer's needs and wants as a basis for establishing objectives.

This template can be found in the "Planning & PM Tools" drop-down menu > "Voice of the Customer Matrix":


Once you have opened the Voice of the Customer Matrix template, select the CAGE & KANO Model tab:


What is the difference between a CAGE and KANO Model?

  • Use the CAGE Model to visually represent what customers and team got wrong.
  • Use the KANO Model to plot Satisfaction vs. Execution.

Example of the CAGE Model


How to Create a CAGE Model for VOC

C - Customer Insights

A - Customer and team Agree

G - Given requirements (expected quality)

E - Excitement (Wows)

  • Double-click each shape you wish to move and/or re-size, representing the following:
    1. How teams understand requirements
      What customers tell you (VOC)
      Ultimate requirements (sweet spot)
  • Note that anything outside of green circle represents what customers and team got wrong.

Example of the KANO Model


How to Create a KANO Model for VOC

Double-click each of the 3 arrows to move and/or re-size at your discretion, to represent Satisfaction vs. Execution:


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