JCAHO Core Measures
& Custom Dashboard Tools

In addition to the QI Macros which is used by over 3,000 hospitals, we have developed many other Excel based solutions for our healthcare customers including:

JCAHO - CMS Core Measures Dashboard

Not sure which charts to run? Spending too much time creating charts and not enough time analyzing your data?

With our new JCAHO - CMS Core Measures dashboard in Excel, just cut and paste or input your data directly into the pre-formatted data entry sheet.

The sheet will analyze your data and color code it based on a comparison to targets. >= 90% green, 50% to < 90% yellow, < 50% red.

JCAHO - CMS Core Measures Dashboard

The Core Measures dashboard will also automatically create control charts for each of your measures.

Core Measures dashboard

And it can compare your Core Measures to a snapshot of tthe National Average for all Reporting Hospitals.

Core Measures

Add TJC Core Measures Dashboard download (#W930) $997


Custom Dashboards and Scorecards

Each dashboard/scorecare is customized to your needs. Examples of tools we have created include:

Balanced Scorecard of your key measurements with associated charts.

Custom Dashboards and Scorecards

Color Coded Scorecard to report the status of your metrics.

Color Coded Scorecard

Custom Solutions

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