Focus the Improvement

To achieve the maximum improvement, we must first focus the improvement efforts. "If I put you in a room with 50 rabbits, you will never catch all of them, but if I send them in a few at a time, you will catch all the rabbits."

We can't do everything so we must focus on the 20% that will give 80% of the return on investment. Quality planning is driven by the voice of the customer. Have you used surveys ,focus groups, and complaints to gather the Voice of the Customer?

focus your improvement efforts

affinity diagram
Affinity diagram
Have you used affinity diagramming to cluster the customer's key requirements? No 

relationship diagram
Relationship Diagram
Have you used relationship diagrams to identify the requirements that drive customer satisfaction? No 

tree diagram
Tree Diagram
Have you used tree diagrams to identify the key improvements, measurements, and activities required to deliver customer satisfaction? No

matrix diagram
Matrix diagram
Have you used matrices to prioritize the improvement activities (problem solving and standardization) that will maximize customer satisfaction based on their requirements? No


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