One-Way ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance)

One-Way ANOVA Example Step-by-Step

Imagine you manufacture paper bags and you want to improve the tensile strength of the bag. You suspect that changing the concentration of hardwood in the bag will change the tensile strength. You measure the tensile strength in pounds per square inch (PSI). So, you decide to test this at 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% hardwood concentration levels. These "levels" are also called "treatments."

To perform One-Way ANOVA in the QI Macros follow these steps:

  1. Just click and drag over the data to select it.

    anova one way analysis data in excel

  2. Now click on the QI Macros, Statistical Tools and ANOVA: Single factor.
  3. one way anova in excel using the QI Macros
  4. The QI Macros will prompt you for the significance level you desire.  While the default is 0.05 (95% confident).
  5. The QI Macros will perform the calculations and analyze the results for you.
ANOVA One-Way Single factor with Post hoc in Excel with QI Macros

What's Cool About QI Macros One Way ANOVA? 

When you run ANOVA, you don't have to think. Unlike other statistical software, the QI Macros is the only SPC software that compares the p-value (0.000) to the signficance (0.05) and tells you to "Reject the Null Hypothesis because p<0.01" and that the "Means are Different".

The QI Macros also loads test data for each kind of Statistical test on your PC at c:\qimacros\testdata\anova.xls.

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