Honor Your Progress

Review, Recognize, Reward, and Refocus

You've set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

You've analyzed root causes and implemented countermeasures.

You've tracked results.

Six Sigma Simplified - Honor your progress

Now what?

Review the results: What worked? What didn't? How much progress did you make toward your BHAG? What did you learn that will help you with the next project?

Recognize the team: Have them present their success story to an appreciative leadership team (a skeptical leadership team can kill Six Sigma with one review) and their peers.

Reward the team: Popcorn parties? Team Jackets? Off-site experiential learning? Does the team like being, doing, relating or learning? 
Ask: What's important to you about having worked on this project? Tailor your reward to match the team.

Refocus: What's the next area of improvement? What's our next BHAG?

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