p Chart Template for Excel

The purpose of a p chart is to evaluate process stability when counting the fraction defective.

Example of the p chart template in the QI Macros for Excel

Just type data into the yellow input area and the chart will be drawn to the right. You can also cut and paste data from another spreadsheet into the template.

The p chart is used when the sample size varies and you can only have one defect per unit: the total number of defective circuit boards, meals, or bills delivered varies from one sampling period to the next.

A fully capable process delivers zero defects. Although this may be difficult to achieve, it should still be our goal. Once we resolve the out-of-control point, we could use the quality problem solving process to begin to eliminate the common causes of defective units. What are the most common types of errors? Why do they occur? What are the root causes of these errors?

The p chart template provides several options:

p chart template options

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