Want to Run Stability Analysis After Adding New Data to a Control Chart Template?

Automate Stability Analysis Using These Instructions

We have found that customers want to run stability analysis using control chart rules every time they add data to a control chart template. That way, every time an operator adds a value to the chart, QI Macros will immediately point out any unstable (out of control) conditions.

The easiest way to do that would be to use Visual Basic Code that will run every time someone adds a new data point. I got this idea from one of our Fortune 500 clients that make food products.

How to Automate Stability Analysis

Our customer was using an XmR chart to analyze production over a 1-3 day period, taking readings every hour. The operator enters the data in column "B" of the worksheet. They would normally have to run Stability Analysis to detect out-of-control conditions, but what if they forget?

Excel has functions that can detect when a cell is changed, so all we have to do is make sure the change is in column B, select the X chart and then call the QI Macros Stability Analysis routine. The code can analyze the R chart as well.

Here's the code:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
' Run Stability Analysis
Dim CurCell As String
    If Not IsError(ActiveCell) Then ' incase someone clicks on #NA
    ' Column 2 is "B", 3=C, etc.
      If (ActiveCell = "" And ActiveCell.Column = 2 And ActiveCell.Row > 1) Then
        CurCell = ActiveCell.Address 'Save the current cell address
        ChartObjects(1).Activate ' X Chart
         Run "qimacros.xlam!Run_Stability"
       ChartObjects(2).Activate ' R Chart
         Run "qimacros.xlam!Run_Stability"
         Range(CurCell).Select ' Return to the cell for next data point
      End If
    End If
End Sub

To Add Code to the Control Chart Template:

1. Right click on the worksheet name (XmR Individuals Chart) and choose "View Code":

view code on an excel worksheet

2. Paste the automation code into the worksheet:

VBA code to automate stability analysis with Control Chart Rules in QI Macros

3. Close the VBA project and return to Excel:

close vba window

4. Save the workbook.

This worksheet will now automatically run Stability Analysis every time a blank cell in column B is changed. It will ensure Stability Analysis is run every time the chart is updated with new data which means that operators can't forget to do it and unstable conditions will be identified immediately.

Pretty slick!

Other Considerations

This needs to be done for every worksheet in a control chart template.

In p or u chart templates, consider using column=3 because you will need a numerator and a denominator to add a point and delete the code to analyze the R chart.

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