Control Chart Whitepaper

Control Charts and Stability Analysis

Having trouble understanding control charts and process stability? Do you know which chart to use? Why are there so many charts?

Our Control Chart Whitepaper covers the essentials you need to understand control charts, stability analysis and how to choose the right chart. This 43 page whitepaper also includes tips for running charts in the QI Macros for Excel including creating stair step control limits. The whitepaper also includes detailed formulas.

Control Chart Whitepaper Table of Contents:

  • What is a Control Chart?
  • What does a Control Chart Tell You?
  • Stability Analysis
  • Recalculating Control Limits to Show Process Changes
  • Using Control Charts to Compare Data From Different Processes
  • Which Control Chart Should I Use?
  • Why Are There So Many Charts?
  • Creating Control Charts With the QI Macros SPC Software
  • Creating Charts Using Macros from the Pull Down Menu
    • Creating Control Charts
    • Tips for Formatting Your Data
    • Tips for Selecting Your Data
    • How Control Limits are Calculated
    • Changing Control Limits After Running a Chart
    • Adding New Data to a Chart
      • Re-analyze stability
      • Re-calculate Control Limits
    • Deleting a Point From a Chart
    • Show Process Changes on a Chart
      • Before you run a chart
      • After you run a chart
    • Compare Different Processes on the Same Chart
    • Add Target or Goal Lines to a Chart
  • Creating Charts Using Fill in the Blanks Templates
    • Add New Data to Control Charts
    • Analyze Stability
    • Show Process Changes on a Chart
    • Delete a Point from a Control Chart
  • Formulas

The Control Chart Whitepaper is available in PDF format for immediate download. Click Here.