Not sure if you can create control charts and histograms using time and date data?

You can if you are using QI Macros SPC Software

Recently, I was at the ASQ Six Sigma conference and one attendee was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't create a control chart using "time format" data in his existing SPC software. He was surprised when I showed him how easy it can be done in QI Macros for Excel

Control Charting Time

When collecting performance metrics, he was using time in Excel format (hh:mm:ss). QI Macros can easily turn this data into a control chart or histogram. Start by selecting the data, just like any other data, and then choosing the chart you want from the QI Macros menu.

example of time data in Excel

For example, using the above data an XMR chart would look like this:

control chart example

Histograms of Time
Use the same approach to create a histogram. Select the data and choose "Histogram with Cp and Cpk". When working with time data, there is usually an upper specification limit (USL) to do a task, but not a lower specification limit. To create a histogram with only an USL, click "Cancel" on the LSL prompt.

histogram example

Control charts and histograms of time are easy using QI Macros. Try it and see.

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