Looking for a Control Chart Decision Tree That's Easy to Follow?

It's Impossible. That's why we built a decison tree right into QI Macros code.

how to choose the right control chart

Many people struggle with choosing the right control chart.

A control chart decision tree can guide you through this process, however, even the best decision trees are hard to follow. It's a difficult task because there are so many factors to consider:

  1. The type of data: variable (measured) or attribute (counted)
  2. How measurements are grouped or what is counted (defects or defective items)
  3. The sample size

QI Macros knows the control chart selection rules for you.

QI Macros is an easy to use add-in that installs on Excel's menu.

qi macros menu in excel

To create a control chart:

Step 1.
Select your data

select your data

Step 3.
QI Macros analyzes your data and does the rest.

control chart

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