Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

QI Macros Lesson 3

In addition to the charts listed on the pull down menu, QI Macros contains more than 100 fill-in-the-blank templates. 

To access these templates select Lean Six Sigma Templates on QI Macros pull down menu.

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Excel 2013-2019 and Office 365


Each template is designed for Lean Six Sigma ease of use. Tools like the flow chart and fishbone diagram make use of Excel's drawing toolbar. To view Excel's Drawing Toolbar select View/Toolbars and click to the left of the word "Drawing."

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for Charts

QI Macros contain templates for control charts, histograms, Cp and Cpk, probability plots, box and whisker, cusum, scatter and pareto charts. Just cut and paste or input data directly into the yellow shaded area. The charts will populate as data is input.

Control Chart Templates - contain different templates for control charts with rolling data, median charts, and short run charts. When you open a control chart template, look for these options within the various worksheets of each template.

control chart template options

Control Chart menu features on templates - include add data to chartadd text to pointghost point and analyze stability. To access these features, click on a control chart and select "QI Macros Chart":


Delete point and show process change work differently on templates than on charts created with macros. Click on each item for more information.

Choosing which points to plot - Each template defaults to 50 data points. If you have fewer than 50 points and only want to show the points with data, click on the arrow in cell B1. This will bring up a pull down menu. Select "non-blanks" to plot only the points with data.


 c chart template

X chart templates contain a histogram and probability plot of your data.

 control chart template

Input the spec limits in the yellow shaded area between the control charts and histogram.

Inputs for specification limits

Design For Six Sigma Templates

AIAG PPAP, Gage R&R and More

QI Macros also contain many of the tools used by the AIAG. These tools are updated each time a new AIAG edition is published. Each template contains several different worksheets. Tools include:

Templates for Your Quality improvement Efforts

Complete list of fill-in-the-blank-templates with links to more information.

In Lesson #4 we will cover Anova and Other Statistical Tools.

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