Expand the QI Macros Cp Cpk Template

QI Macros Cp Cpk template for Excel contains a tab for up to 35 characteristics with 100 measurements each. If you need to expand the template follow these step by step Instructions.

Cp Cpk Template Expansion

1. Open the template and select the Cp Cpk 35 worksheet which is built for 35 characteristics.

cp cpk excel template options

Notice, there are hidden columns between AJ and BT:
unhide columns

2. If you select columns AJ:BT and right click to Unhide these columns, you'll see the calculations for range values needed to calculate Cp and Cpk.
view formulas

3. Next copy column BS and paste as many additional columns as you need to the right of column BS:
copy column

4. Then copy column AJ and right click on column AK. select "Insert Copied Cells" for as many columns as you need in front of column AK. You could also copy any number of columns G:AJ to insert multiple columns in front of AK.
insert columns


Warning: If you do any of these steps out of order or insert copied columns in front of AJ, you will mess up the linkages causing problems with calculations.

However, if you get all the formulas in the right place, you'll have a much larger template.

If you need our help to expand the template or troubleshoot your work, the cost is $350.

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