I Love Improvers

I Love Improvers

I love people who fight the good fight of quality improvement. Problem solving isn’t sexy, but it’s vital to corporate health. Hugs!

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur. If you’ve been watching my Improvement Insight videos, you’re probably going, “Gee, Jay, you’re sharing all this stuff… What’s that all about?”

“Well, it turns out if you don’t know it by now… I love people who do Quality Improvement. They’re out chasing the big ugly things that are causing too much hassle in America and trying to eliminate them and eliminate waste and eliminate all the stuff that goes into landfills and into sewers and all kinds of stuff like this.

“So all of you are out there trying to make the world a better place; I love you for that, and I’m trying to make tools that will make it easy for you to do that, because when I started it was all manual, right? We were all using little manual calculators and everything like that… oh my gosh, it just took too long. I knew it wasn’t possible to get the people in my phone company do that – most of whom had a high school education. How do I make it so it’s possible for people with a high school education to embrace the tools of Quality and start being successful right away? That’s my whole goal in life is to make you successful… because I love you! I think without us doing what we’re doing the world is going to not be a pretty place. If we eliminate all the scrap and stuff that goes out into recycle bins and all that stuff… oh my gosh, wouldn’t that be a good thing for the environment? I mean all of these things are interconnected, but if I can help make you more successful that’s my goal in life, right?

“So let’s go out and create a hassle-free America, a hassle-free world! Let’s go out and improve something this week.”