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Reducing Patient Falls – A Case Study

The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety (Feb 2018) has an article entitled “Temporal Trends in Fall Rates with the Implementation of a Multifaceted Fall Prevention Program.” Ouch! I believe the story could have been told easily with quality improvement tools, so here’s how I’d go about it. First, there are a number […]

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Have You Fallen In Love With Lean Six Sigma?

I fell in love with Lean Six Sigma almost 30 years ago…but it takes some work to stay in love with Lean Six Sigma. Are you willing to do what it takes to make Lean Six Sigma your Valentine?

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How Is Your Business Like a Banana?

Shigeo Shingo used this metaphor often. Find out why.

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Hospital Costs a “Hungry Tapeworm on U.S. Economy” says Warren Buffett

I have been thinking for some time that someone would come along, start buying up hospitals and forcing them to adopt the Lean principles of Amazon and Six Sigma to achieve the “science and evidence” that Don Berwick has been challenging the IHI to adopt. Warren Buffet has the money, but usually invests in […]

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Using Lean to Do Your Taxes

I started using TurboTax to do my taxes years ago. I used to gather up my 1099s and W-2 and everything else and spend a whole day doing my taxes. Your taxes may not be as complicated as mine, but think of these forms as “work in process” (WIP). I was doing them in a […]

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Are You Wasting Time in Six Sigma?

Are you wasting time in Six Sigma on unnecessary steps? Here’s how to kick start your improvement efforts.

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Leveraging Healthcare IT Systems Data for Improvement

The November-December 2017 Harvard Business Review has an article about leveraging healthcare data. Authors describe healthcare productivity growth as anemic. While most healthcare organizations are using the data to monitor performance, few are using it to analyze how processes and protocols can be improved. Solution: Use IT to transform the way you deliver medical care, […]

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Lean Newspaper Boy

Any job of any kind can be simplified, streamlined and optimized so that it’s faster, better, cheaper and safer. This is the story of my first Lean analysis… which I performed over 50 years ago while I was a paperboy.

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You Can’t Re-Engineer People

Businesses are made of people; culture can’t be “built”, it must be “grown”. Watch the video here:  

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Top Down Change Doesn’t Work

Everyone seems to think that top down, leadership-driven is the only way to implement Lean Six Sigma. It’s not. 50 years of research proves that it fails half the time. Yep, 50% failure rate. That’s less than 1 sigma. This type of failure is so common that it even has a name: The Stalinist Paradox.

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