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Excel Column Charts Hide The Signal in Noise

The July/August 2017 HealthLeaders magazine had a series of charts about the impact of Adverse Events. In general, the magazine used column charts: But wouldn’t a Pareto chart illuminate the important adverse events more clearly? The first three accounted for over 57% of 2013 deaths.

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Bad at Math?

At the IHI 28th Forum in Orlando, one visitor to our exhibit booth said: “I’m bad at math.” She was worried about needing to learn formulas. I hear this same concern from most people thrust into quality improvement. I told her: “You don’t need to know formulas. You just need to know how to select […]

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Data Visualization and Exploration In Excel

You can use Excel’s data formatting, commenting and filtering tools to help visualize and clarify your data. Highlighting: Select cells and click on Home-Fill Color to highlight cells: Commenting: To add comments to any cell, click on Data-Insert Comment: Subset: To select a subset of your data, click on Data-Filter and select the desired content: Excel will simplify […]

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What’s Wrong with the New Excel 2016’s Box and Whisker Plot?

Microsoft added a box and whisker plot to Excel 2016, but it’s not everything you might hope for. Here’s an Excel 2016 box and whisker plot: You might notice that the whiskers have a crossbar on the end. It seems to have a spare “x” in the middle of each box and it’s a little hard […]

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