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DayMinder Typos

I use a small DayMinder monthly calendar. I noticed that someone forgot to use spell check before it went to print. That must be expensive!   If you can’t spell the months correctly, how can I trust the rest of the calendar?

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Measuring Six Sigma Success

This recent article talks about how GE measured Six Sigma success: “Engineers and scientists were measured on how many Six Sigma projects they completed during the year.” Since I know that 4% of the business is causing over half of the waste, rework and lost profit (the 4-50 rule), making everyone do “Six Sigma projects” […]

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The Difference Between Lean Six Sigma Fundamentalists and Revolutionaries

Lean Six Sigma Fundamentalists believe: – Get management commitment – Train lots of black and green belts – Implement wall-to-wall floor to ceiling Lean Six Sigma Revolutionaries believe: -Engage informal leaders -Train money belts -Laser-focused, data-driven breakthrough improvements

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Glitches are Opportunities

The next time you hit a glitch are you going to 0. Ignore it 1. Find a work around 2. Take heroic action to fix it. 3. Fix the glitch and then take the time to prevent it from ever happening again?

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One-Third of Food is Lost or Wasted

As reported in the ISE magazine, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported that “one third of food produced in the world is lost or wasted, which affects not only world hunger but carbon emission, water and land use.” I was recently rereading Juran on Quality by Design (1992) in which Joseph Juran lists “high […]

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Excel Column Charts Hide The Signal in Noise

The July/August 2017 HealthLeaders magazine had a series of charts about the impact of Adverse Events. In general, the magazine used column charts: But wouldn’t a Pareto chart illuminate the important adverse events more clearly? The first three accounted for over 57% of 2013 deaths.

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Data Science is On The Rise

The Sept-Oct 2017 Harvard Business Review reports that the job market for data scientists is growing rapidly. Over 2.3 million of these jobs were listed in 2015. And the demand is expected to grow by 39%. But these positions are expensive and hard to fill. In a related column about how companies use big data, […]

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HIMSS says Healthcare Needs Data Analysts Who Are Problem Solvers

This article discusses the need for data analysts in healthcare: The QI Macros Data Mining Wizard makes it easy to crunch the data about medical mistakes and errors, denied claims, patient falls and whatever else you can find. Learn more here:  

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Mistake-Proofing Checkout

My wife and I were on a cruise recently. The day before checkout the cruise director recommended that we put one of our shoes we planned to wear to the airport inside the lockbox in our room. Obviously too many people leave valuables behind. What are you doing to mistake-proof your customer’s experience?

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Are We Teaching Students the Unnecessary Things?

I’m here at the IISE (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) conference in Pittsburgh. One professor had been teaching students how to use Excel to create control charts, but he was beginning to feel like that was a waste of classroom time (duh!). I beat him up a little for teaching DIY Excel stuff to […]

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