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Joseph “Juan” Juran

I attended a presentation on measurement at IHI yesterday. The opening slide was about simple rules garnered from Joseph Juan. Who the heck is Joseph Juan, I wondered? The speaker said “Joseph Juran” and that cleared it up for me…and made me laugh out loud. The speakers went on to invoke the names and images […]

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IHI 2017 Quality Tool Usage

Most of the improvement posters at this year’s Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) conference are still using line, bar and pie charts, not the tools of quality improvement. There were several posters using QI Macros control charts, Pareto charts and fishbones this year from Sutter Health and Howard University Hospital.

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Six Sigma Projects can be made to order if you follow this simple rule.

Let data about defects define the problem. No data, no problem. Begin collecting the when, where, what, how, who and why of each defect, mistake or error. Use the QI Macros Defect Tracking Template. Analyze this data using the QI Macros Data Mining Wizard. Let the control chart, Pareto charts and fishbone diagrams tell you were […]

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Top Down Change Doesn’t Work

Everyone seems to think that top down, leadership-driven is the only way to implement Lean Six Sigma. It’s not. 50 years of research proves that it fails half the time. Yep, 50% failure rate. That’s less than 1 sigma. This type of failure is so common that it even has a name: The Stalinist Paradox.

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GE’s Problems – Strategy or Six Sigma?

The recent collapse of GE stock price has led to a lot of discussion. Here’s my two cents. Jack Welch implemented Six Sigma at GE which drove many CEOs to do the same. From scuttlebutt I’ve picked up over the years, this lead to crazy rules like every employee had to do two Six Sigma […]

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All You Need Is Lean

QI Macros exhibited at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) conference in Boston. Some attendees thought that “All You Need Is Lean.” Others thought you need Lean and Six Sigma. Lean will help you simplify and streamline your operations, and then you’ll need Six Sigma to optimize the process.

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Mistakes Companies Make In Voice Mail Messages

What does your voicemail message say about your company? Here’s a look at what can go wrong.

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No Two Stitches The Same

My mom was a master quilter. She created her own designs. A few were featured in quilting magazines. This one, created in 1999, is titled “No Two Stitches The Same“. Mom used both machine- and hand-quilting. While I’m sure the machine-quilted ones had more consistent stitches, this one was hand-quilted. This is the difference between […]

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Big Data Bust

A recent TED video showed that Big Data is a $122 Billion Dollar business, but 73% of projects failed to return a profit. That’s a one-sigma performance. You don’t need big data. You can get big profits from small data.

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Signal versus Noise

“Our evolutionary instincts sometimes lead us to see patterns when there are none there. People have been doing this all the time – finding patterns in random noise.” – Tomaso Poggio People just need a way to separate the Signal from the Noise. Here are some insights from the book by Nate Silver.  

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