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Six Sigma Projects can be made to order if you follow this simple rule.

Let data about defects define the problem. No data, no problem. Begin collecting the when, where, what, how, who and why of each defect, mistake or error. Use the QI Macros Defect Tracking Template. Analyze this data using the QI Macros Data Mining Wizard. Let the control chart, Pareto charts and fishbone diagrams tell you were […]

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QI Macros Upgrade 2017 V2

If you’re using an older version of QI Macros, you may be missing out on new features we’ve added in the past few years, such as the Data Mining Wizard…

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Statistics are Simple

People have been trying to make statistics simple and easy to understand for decades. But statistics aren’t simple. Maybe we should change how we teach them?

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QI Macros Upgrade 2017 V1

If it’s been five years since you’ve upgraded your QI Macros, not only are you missing out on the enhancements we’ve added in the past five years – including the Data Mining Wizard – but you only have until December 31, 2017 to upgrade your license to the current version at $99. On January 1, […]

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Top Down Change Doesn’t Work

Everyone seems to think that top down, leadership-driven is the only way to implement Lean Six Sigma. It’s not. 50 years of research proves that it fails half the time. Yep, 50% failure rate. That’s less than 1 sigma. This type of failure is so common that it even has a name: The Stalinist Paradox.

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GE’s Problems – Strategy or Six Sigma?

The recent collapse of GE stock price has led to a lot of discussion. Here’s my two cents. Jack Welch implemented Six Sigma at GE which drove many CEOs to do the same. From scuttlebutt I’ve picked up over the years, this lead to crazy rules like every employee had to do two Six Sigma […]

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All You Need Is Lean

QI Macros exhibited at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) conference in Boston. Some attendees thought that “All You Need Is Lean.” Others thought you need Lean and Six Sigma. Lean will help you simplify and streamline your operations, and then you’ll need Six Sigma to optimize the process.

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Big Data Bust

A recent TED video showed that Big Data is a $122 Billion Dollar business, but 73% of projects failed to return a profit. That’s a one-sigma performance. You don’t need big data. You can get big profits from small data.

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Why We Wait in Emergency Rooms (ER)

A study of 90,000 patients reported in the November-December 2017 HBR found that as patient volume increases, some ER doctors favored easier cases to feel more productive. This is known as task completion bias: “we gravitate toward easy-to-finish tasks to create a sense of accomplishment – even if those tasks aren’t very important.” The study […]

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Measuring Six Sigma Success

This recent article talks about how GE measured Six Sigma success: “Engineers and scientists were measured on how many Six Sigma projects they completed during the year.” Since I know that 4% of the business is causing over half of the waste, rework and lost profit (the 4-50 rule), making everyone do “Six Sigma projects” […]

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