Histogram Maker for Excel

Making Histograms Does Not Have to be That Hard

QI Macros is easier to use than Excel's data analysis tool and it creates more professional looking histograms. Save yourself time and frustration with QI Macros for Excel.

Excel's Histogram Generator Can be Confusing

Excel can create a Histogram from your data but its interfaces are difficult to understand. In Excel 2010, click on Data, then Data Analysis to open this window.

how to make a histogram using Excel data analysis tools

Then define your data range, bin range, output range, etc, etc to get a histogram:

excel histogram generator windowexample of histogram generated by Excel's Data Analysis tool

QI Macros is Much Easier to Use Than Excel's Data Analysis Tools

QI Macros Histogram Maker is much easier to use than out-of-the-box Excel and we have added a few additional calculations of our own. QI Macros creates a new menu on your Excel tool bar.

Just click and drag over your data to select it, then click on QI Macros, Histograms and Capability and then Histogram with Cp Cpk. QI Macros will prompt you for specification limits and number of bars and will draw the histogram for you. QI Macros also uses the spec limits to calculate process capability metrics Cp and Cpk.

histogram maker excel

Example of QI Macros Histogram

histogram example made by QI Macros

If you only want the histogram and not the metrics, just hit "cancel" on the specification limit prompts.

In addition to the histogram, QI Macros also makes it easy to create control charts, pareto charts and box plots.

Why Choose QI Macros to Perform Capability Analysis and Draw Histograms?

easy to use

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