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20th vs 21st Century Quality

Too many quality professionals are clinging to the way things have always been done. There’s some sort of taboo about doing things quickly and easily. What are the differences between 20th and 21st Century Quality? Watch and find out:

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Lean Six Sigma Meets the Blah Blahmeter

Is the foggy complexity of Lean Six Sigma preventing widespread adoption? I think it is:

Learn more about Dan Roam’s Blah Blahmeter here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6kmObnh2jo


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Solutions Masquerading as Root Causes

Does Your Root Cause Analysis Fail The Last Why Because It Presupposes A Solution?


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Making Process Improvements Stick

The Nov-Dec 2018 HBR reports that Lean, Six Sigma and Agile “always work well initially, but often the gains fade quickly.”

  • 21% of improvement projects failed to yield any improvements
  • Only one-third of improvements continued to yield results after two years.

What’s needed to sustain improvements?

  • Consistent measurement and monitoring (i.e., control charts)
  • Leadership support and coaching
  • Avoid initiative fatigue caused by jumping from one improvement initiative to another.

Start monitoring your improvement projects using QI Macros control charts.
Download a free trial at https://www.qimacros.com.

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11/1/18 QI Macros Webinar

Over 50 people signed up for this webinar, with Jay Arthur demonstrating how to use some of the useful features of QI Macros, as well as some of the brand new features introduced just last month in the October 2018 version of the software.

Some attendees were familiar with the software and already use it, some had only begun to use it; all were interested in learning new ways that QI Macros can help them with their Agile Lean Six Sigma and Quality Improvement efforts. (You can hear him answering questions and comments typed in by webinar attendees.)

If you saw a feature demonstrated in the webinar that might have been added to QI Macros after the version you’re using (for instance, the “Find Tool” search feature or the automated Value Stream Map), you may need to purchase an upgrade to bring your QI Macros to the current version.

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Every Day Should Be World Quality Day

Let’s create a Hassle Free America and a Hassle Free World


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Great Training Robbery

Consultants, trainers and professors are wasting students’ time on things they don’t need to know to solve problems they don’t have to impress people they don’t like.


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The One Thing

In the movie City Slickers, Jack Palance gives Billy Crystal some advice that applies to Lean Six Sigma. Do you know what it is?



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Have Your Processes Turned Into Frankenprocesses?

Here’s how to deal with the creature you’ve created.

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Tell a Friend About QI Macros

If you appreciate how much QI Macros helps you, please tell a friend about the software!

Why? Honestly, it’s because we we want to live in a world where more things are done right the FIRST time.

Can you imagine:

  • … a world where you don’t have to check your takeout order at the restaurant because it’s correct every single time?
  • … a healthcare system where an incorrect diagnosis happens only once every 2,000,000 patients?
  • … buying a car and knowing that the chance of any defect on the car in the first 10 years is one in 5,000,000?

That’s a world where Quality Improvement is embraced and celebrated.

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