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Pro Golf Missed Putts

Watching golf, I’ve had a feeling that there is a pattern to misses by both men’s and women’s professionals. It seemed like most putts missed were below the hole. So this weekend, I recorded the final round of the 2021 LPGA Pure Silk Championship and studied the putts missed.

All greens are curved to challenge golfers. Few putts are straight. I can usually tell by the arc of the putt how it missed the hole. Short ones are easy. With high putts, they arc over the hole, then fall down past the hole. With low putts, they arc before the hole and fall off.

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Go Upstream for Quality Improvement

If you think your role in Quality Improvement is merely to prevent special cause variation, maybe it’s time to go “Upstream” with your thinking.

“Hi, this is Jay Arthur. I’m here in Ka’anapali in Maui and having a little vacation time.

“I just finished reading Dan Heath’s new book “Upstream,” and for those of you in Quality Improvement you would see the pattern in here instantly as just continuous improvement: get some data, figure out how to fix things and then fix them. He’s tackling bigger things like… “How do we reduce murders of abused women?” or “How do we reduce dropout rates in schools?”

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95 Percent Effective Against Catastrophic Failure

If you had a countermeasure that was 95 percent effective at preventing catastrophic failure of your company or business, how long would you wait to implement it?

(The best resource I’ve found for locating vaccine appointments is https://www.vaccinespotter.org/).


“I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma For Hospitals” and QI Macros [software].

“Let me ask you: if you had a countermeasure that was 95% effective at preventing the catastrophic failure of your business and your company, how long would you wait to implement that?

“Back in 2014 right before Thanksgiving (the day before Thanksgiving) I came down with the flu and I was sick as a dog for 10 days.

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Milling in the name of…

industry-lathe-machine-work 560x373.jpg

It’s been an unusual time to be a Freelance Quality Improvement Specialist. In 2019, my business was almost all within 20 miles of my home. As a result of the pandemic I began offering consultations online via video meetings and computer screen sharing. Because of that, I was able to serve clients worldwide in 2020. Now many of those clients refer me to friends and colleagues in their geographic areas, and I’m able to continue to do so for these new clients as well.

Such was the case last week when I received an email from Tom. He began by telling me that he was referred by Mike and Rudy, the co-owners of Schenker Metal.

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Use Numbers Not Percentages

Ever noticed that when you describe something as a percentage people seem to draw a blank? They may nod, but not understand. Here’s why:

“I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma Demystified” and QI Macros [software].

“I want to alert you to something that I discovered when I saw my friend, Dr. Jack ReVelle, speak. Now, if you know anything about control charts, you know that if you have an upper and lower control limit, well, 99.7% of all points should fit between those two things. And I saw Jack talk about this and I realized that nobody can make a picture of a percentage.

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Each One Teach One

How do we create a hassle-free America? Hassle-free Healthcare? We need more improvers. Here’s what you can do to help:

Have people take my free Lean Six Sigma Training at www.lssyb.com.


“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma For Hospitals” and QI Macros [software].

“My friend LeAnn Thieman wrote “Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul,” and as you can tell with all this pandemic stuff, she was talking to a CNO who said her nurses are running away from healthcare. We have a half a million nurse shortage in the United States of America, and LeAnn has a system she calls “each one reach one.”

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QI Macros Software Demo – 2021 ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement

Thanks for attending the 2021 ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement. Click below to see a quick demo of how QI Macros can help you prevent waste, rework and lost profit. 

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Why Aren’t Things Getting Any Better?

I’ve been in quality improvement for 30 years. Why aren’t things getting any better?

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma For Hospitals” and QI Macros [software].

“I started in quality back in 1989 or 90, so I’ve been at this for 30-odd years. The other morning I was sitting there and I was just kind of depressed. I thought, “Why aren’t things any better?” Right? It still seems like there’s things that are missing, things that don’t work. You can’t get the right order at your fast food restaurant, if you order something at a restaurant sometimes it isn’t what you ordered, it wasn’t cooked properly… oh my gosh.

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ASQ Richmond Section 1104 – Agile Lean Six Sigma

Jay Arthur was the featured speaker for the 4/13/21 ASQ Richmond Section 1104 meeting. His topic was “Agile Lean Six Sigma.” You may view the recorded video of Jay’s webinar below:

If you’re interested in learning more about QI Macros for Excel (the software Jay wrote and developed), click HERE and view the demo video in the yellow box. You may also sign up for a free 30 day trial of the software by filling out the form on that page next to the video, or by signing up at THIS link.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jay’s ideas on Agile Lean Six Sigma, you can download a free brief summary of Jay’s ideas in his “Agile Lean Six Sigma Manifesto,” available at THIS link.

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4/13/21 QI Macros webinar

Over 65 people signed up for this webinar, with Jay Arthur demonstrating some of the software’s most frequently used tools and answering questions asked by attendees.

Some attendees were familiar with the software and already use it, some had only begun to use it; all were interested in learning new ways that QI Macros can help them with their Agile Lean Six Sigma and Quality Improvement efforts. (You can hear him answering questions and comments typed in by webinar attendees.)

If you saw a feature demonstrated in the webinar that might have been added to QI Macros after the version you’re using (for instance, the Improvement Project Wizard, the Fixed Limit indicator or the automated Process Change Wizard), you may need to purchase an upgrade to bring your QI Macros to the current version.

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