Where Will Quality Be In Five Years?

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Where Will Quality Be In Five Years?

Where will quality be in five years given the growth of AI and other technologies? Here’s what I think:

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma Demystified” and QI Macros [software].

“You know, with AI and everything else, you kind of have to ask yourself, “Where will Quality be in 5 years?” There was an article in the Harvard Business Review that said AI is going to be able to do what a Master Black Belt can do, only do it faster, better and cheaper… and that was in Harvard Business Review! You might have to ask yourself “Where are we going to be?” I tell you, if it’s like it’s been for the last 30 years, we’re going slowly nowhere at great expense. All right? Lots of training, lots of whatever and so on…

“So I believe that if each one of us goes out every week and starts making improvements, one of the things that’ll happen is your leadership team will notice and you’ll start to get more traction and you’ll get more stuff to do. They’ll find more data and figure out more things to fix. I believe that we can make tremendous progress with or without AI in the next 5 years, but I believe that’s up to us, you know? We have to let go of the way we’ve always done things because it’s so ‘last century!’

“Come on! Let’s get on board! Let’s turn on the juices. Let’s make this happen. Don’t wait for your leadership team, or the guy next to you, or the woman next to you, or somebody to get on board. Giddy up!

“Let’s go ahead and improve something this week.”