Take Time To Honor Your Progress This Year

Take Time To Honor Your Progress This Year

Take time to celebrate with friends, family and coworkers this holiday season.

“After you’ve made an improvement, after you’ve “Focused,” “Improved,” and “Sustained,” you have to take time to “Honor” your progress. At this time of year, most of us gather together (And I’m going to encourage you to gather together with your friends, family, co-workers, whoever) to celebrate your improvements this year and the things that you’ve accomplished. Take time to celebrate because this is the time to do that.

“I’m honored that all of you invite me into your workspace to listen to these Improvement Insights each week, and that you’ve taken the time to use the QI Macros, (just like I had to teach myself how to use them) to go out and start to make improvements in the world.

“From all of us here at QI Macros, we want to Honor the hard work that you put in to making the world a hassle-free place, and invite you to continue on into next year.

“Let’s have a Happy Holiday Season… …and then go out next week and improve something. ”