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*Latest webinar: 7/11/19 QI Macros Webinar

Over 30 people signed up for this webinar, with Jay Arthur demonstrating how to use some of the useful features of QI Macros, as well as some of the new features introduced in recent versions of the software.

Some attendees were familiar with the software and already use it, some had only begun to use it; all were interested in learning new ways that QI Macros can help them with their Agile Lean Six Sigma and Quality Improvement efforts. (You can hear him answering questions and comments typed in by webinar attendees.)


If you saw a feature demonstrated in the webinar that might have been added to QI Macros after the version you’re using (for instance, the “Find Tool” search feature or the automated Value Stream Map), you may need to purchase an upgrade to bring your QI Macros to the current version.

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The Headwinds of History in Quality

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting the headwinds of history when it comes to quality? I sure do. Here’s why.

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Trends Facing Lean Six Sigma

Still practicing last century quality improvement? The economy has changed. Current trends demand an Agile approach to Six Sigma. Isn’t it time to embrace 21st Century Quality?

Learn Agile Process Innovation – 21st Century Quality Improvement


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Excellence Imperative

20th Century quality was about manufacturing. (Old school)

21st Century quality is about services. (New school)

What we need now is a fresh approach to Lean Six Sigma for the 21st Century. I call it Agile Process Innovation.

Download my free Agile Process Innovation ebook from https://www.qimacros.com/pdf/Agile-Lean-Six-Sigma.pdf.


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The Quality Hero’s Journey

Most movies follow a standard arc of discovery and transformation.

The Quality Hero’s Journey follows a similar arc. Here’s how:

Just for fun, watch Kurt Vonnegut’s presentation of the Hero’s Journey.


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Pig Cartoon – Standard Work

At ASQ World, Craig Plain gave a fun presentation on Cartoons for Quality.

One of the exercises used a standard work procedure for drawing a pig. Try it yourself

Standard Work Procedure Pig Cartoon Instructions

Here’s mine:

While I’m not normally fond of using games for training, I thought it was interesting how none of us drew exactly the same pig.

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Insights from ASQ Phoenix – 2018

Here are my takeaways from the ASQ conference in Phoenix.


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Creating a Culture of Quality

The April, 2014 Harvard Business Review has an article about creating a culture of quality. The authors found that a culture of quality will save $13,400 per employee per year. Surveyed participants also said it takes two hours to fix a mistake. Joseph Juran often said that companies lose a quarter (25%) of their revenue finding and fixing mistakes and errors, so this gives us a benchmark and a reason to embrace quality.

“Companies that take a grassroots, peer-driven approach develop a culture of quality. Traditional strategies have little effect.”

Four Factors that Drive Quality

  • Leadership – As Deming said: “The aim of superision should be the help people and machines and gadgets do a better job.

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Is Bad English the New Norm?

Today’s Denver Post headline is “Cold affront settles into Denver Region”.

A cold front can settle in, but I don’t think a cold affront can settle in.

An affront is an intentional insult. I doubt that the weather has any great intention.

This is the problem with inspectors: writers expect copy editors to catch mistakes. Manufacturers expect inspectors to catch mistakes. Software developers expect testers to catch mistakes. Inspectors expect the originator to do it right the first time, which leads to sloppy originators and inspectors which leads to all kinds of mistakes, errors, hitches and glitches.

Hint: Reliance on inspectors, testers, copyeditors and the like is a sure sign of an error-prone process.

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Quality is Everything 2

While at the Quality Expo in Chicago, we dined at the Capitol Grill. When our rather expensive food arrived, the potato side dish was hot at the edges, but cold in the center. (The food folks at Quality Expo would have freaked at the possibility of contamination!) They asked me if I wanted them to put it under the broiler (rework). No thanks. They took it off the bill.

A minute later, the air conditioning kicked on and artic air started blowing from the ceiling at gale force. I had to lean over my swordfish to shield it from the cold.

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