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Hunter Pro-C Controller Problem

My water bill recently doubled. Turns out it’s a design flaw in my Hunter Pro-C controller.

A while back, I set some of my zones to zero minutes.

hunter zero image

But, if I accidentally hit the minus sign one more time, the controller goes to SIX HOURS:

hunter zero image six

It was a royal hassle, but I managed to submit an improvement suggestion to Hunter:
There should be no run times below ZERO! Duh!

I had  Denver Water come out to show me how to read the meter.

  1. Meter reader basically said: “Meter’s correct. Fix your controller” and left.
    What if they spent 5 minutes helping homeowners check their controller to find the problem?

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The Plastic Breakfast Burrito

I had a breakfast burrito at the Marriott in San Diego last week. I cut it in half and took a bite. I realized there was somthing amiss when I pulled out a strip of plastic. I tried to pull it apart, but it wouldn’t break.

I showed it to the cafe staff and she said: “It looks like an onion.” But a cooked onion would pull apart; the plastic didn’t. I got my money back.

I can imagine that if a machine is cutting onions into strips that it would cut plastic as well. Then the plastic just looks like an onion strip in the egg.

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