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Hassle America – Bethenny Frankel

The September, 2018 Money magazine article about Bethenny Frankel opens with a rant about Postmates. Frankel ordered a muffin, bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for delivery. The muffin and bagel made it, but without cream cheese or coffee.

Welcome to Hassle America where even simple things seem to be impossible.

We order lunch once a week at the office, but hardly a week goes by without some problem. Last week, Grubhub cancelled our order¬†without telling us. Some weeks the chicken salad comes without chicken. Some weeks we’re missing a dish that was ordered.

Welcome to Hassle America. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to mistake-proof these processes.

What if everything worked flawlessly?

  • Cell phones never dropped a call.¬†Computers never crashed.
  • Healthcare never injured patients.
  • Restaurant orders were always flawlessly prepared and bills were correct?

I’d welcome a Hassle-FREE America. How much time, money and aggravation would that save?

What process can you mistake-proof today to save your customers time, money and hassle?

Let’s create a Hassle-FREE America.

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