Hunter Pro-C Controller Problem

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Hunter Pro-C Controller Problem

My water bill recently doubled. Turns out it’s a design flaw in my Hunter Pro-C controller.

A while back, I set some of my zones to zero minutes.

hunter zero image

But, if I accidentally hit the minus sign one more time, the controller goes to SIX HOURS:

hunter zero image six

It was a royal hassle, but I managed to submit an improvement suggestion to Hunter:
There should be no run times below ZERO! Duh!

I had  Denver Water come out to show me how to read the meter.

  1. Meter reader basically said: “Meter’s correct. Fix your controller” and left.
    What if they spent 5 minutes helping homeowners check their controller to find the problem?
    Thousands of gallons saved.
  2. What if Denver Water started tracking what kind of controllers are causing the most water waste and worked the manufacturers and home owners to fix the root cause of the problem?
    Millions of gallons saved.

It only takes a little extra effort to fix the root cause of the problem. Isn’t it worth it?

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