Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements

Follow These Steps to Earn a Green Belt

yellow belt certificate
Earn Yellow Belt Certification
Watch Free Green Belt Video Tutorials
Apply knowledge to a real life problem and successfully complete an improvement project.
Your project MUST use QI Macros and follow these requirements.
These requirements are pretty rigorous; few people pass the first time around.. Make sure you connect all the dots and verify the project before submission.
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Order your project review ($250) here:

Submit your improvement project to jay@qimacros.com

  • If your project passes review, you will receive an email with a link to order your certification using a credit card. The cost for certification is an additional $250.
    You may also purchase QIMacros for $20 off the usual price.
  • If your project does not pass review, you will receive an email with feedback on what to fix and you may be referred back to the requirements page. You can purchase an additional review ($250) using the link above.

Download Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Checklist and Instructions.