PivotTable Exercise Dojo

Practice Using PivotTables to Develop Improvement Stories

After installing QI Macros 30-day trial, open My Documents\QI Macros Test Data\pivottable.xls

Use QI Macros PivotTable Wizard or Excel's PivotTable function to summarize the data in each of the worksheets. Then:

  1. Draw Control Charts to show defects or costs over time.
  2. Draw Pareto Charts to narrow the focus.
  3. When appropriate, in the PivotTable, double click on a Total for the "big" bar on the pareto to "drill down". Can you do another level of pareto?
  4. Insert an Ishikawa/Fishbone diagram into the PivotTable.
  5. Modify the problem statement to reflect one of the "big bars" on the pareto chart.
  6. Each of the three sheets should have a control chart, pareto chart and fishbone diagram when you're done.

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