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SPC Exercises

Load the QI Macros 30 day trial


Open My Documents\QI Macros Test Data\AIAG SPC.xls


Open My Documents\QI Macros Test Data\Healthcare SPC.xls


1. Run Control Charts on XbarR and XmR data.

Control Chart Excel

2. Run Histograms on XbarR and XmR data.
Use USL/LSL when supplied; Use Cancel when none.

Histogram Excel

3. Evaluate each data set for stability and capability.

4. Run Control Charts on c, p, np, and u data.
5. Evaluate each data set for stability.

Extra credit (Automotive data): Run Pareto charts on total defects for c, np, p and u data.

Pareto Chart Excel for Six Sigma


Click here to Download SPC-exercises.zip.
Right click to extract and follow instructions in each file.

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