QI Macros Getting Started

Learn to Use the QI Macros in Less than Five Minutes

Download QI Macros Quick Start Guide

  1. Completely quit out of Excel.
  2. PC: Right-click on the "qimacros-30-day-trial.zip" or "QIMacrosSetup.zip" file to unzip the compressed file. Once completed, double-click the .exe file to launch the PC install.
  3. Mac: Double-click the "QIMacrosTrialMac.zip" or "QIMacrosLicensed.zip" file to unzip the compressed file. Next, select Ctrl-Click-Open on the "QIMacrosTrialMac" or "QIMacroLicensed" file to launch the Mac install.
  4. Answer the installation wizard prompts and then open Excel - you should now see the QI Macros on your Excel menu bar. If you do not, see easy fix for PCs here or easy fix for Macs here.

QI Macros Excel Menu

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