Using Six Sigma to Improve Your Golf Game

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Using Six Sigma to Improve Your Golf Game

People keep asking me if Six Sigma applies only to manufacturing. Nope. You can even use it to improve your golf game.

(You can download my free “Six Sigma Golf” pamphlet by clicking HERE.)

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma Demystified” and QI Macros [software].

“I was at the American Society for Quality’s Lean Six Sigma conference down in Phoenix a few weeks ago, and one guy said, “Aren’t you the guy that wrote Six Sigma Golf?” I said “Yeah!” I [wrote] that book a long time ago. Nobody brought it up for a long time, but I said yeah; I was reading Dave Pelz’ “Putting [Bible]” and “Short Game Bible.” I said, “Oh, that’s Six Sigma for golf!” You know, if you want a detailed way of looking at golf, then go read his. You can also download my free pamphlet that I created some years ago.

“But you know, it’s funny; there was one guy who came up to a conference (it was some time ago… it’s been a while). Anyway, he came up and he said, “Well, I thought that what you put in that book was B.S., and so I decided to go check it out.” He said, “I cut 10 strokes off my score!” I had to laugh about that. I have not cut 10 Strokes off my score, but I’m better than I was, all right?

“I want you to get this idea that we can take Six Sigma and we can apply it to golf, any sport, anything, any activity. Any business, anything, anywhere. It can be done.

“That’s my Improvement Insight. Let’s go out and improve something this week. Let’s use the tools of quality everywhere… even to improve our golf game.”

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