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Solutions Masquerading as Root Causes

Does Your Root Cause Analysis Fail The Last Why Because It Presupposes A Solution?


Posted by Jay Arthur in Improvement Insights, Six Sigma.

Bad Root Cause Analysis and Countermeasures

After the recent terrorist attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253, some zealous, knee-jerk root cause analysis led to simple, easy-to-understand, wrong-headed countermeasures: passengers shouldn’t be able to get up during the last hour of any flight, anywhere.

Punishing millions of passengers to protect against a few extremists is a bad countermeasure stemming from bad root cause analysis. Random screenings of elderly women who have had knee replacement surgery or young children, a sampling technique, also seems to be silly.

Root cause analysis should get to the root of the problem: Why was a known extremist allowed to board any flight, anywhere?

Posted by Jay Arthur in Six Sigma.