Most Valuable Career Skills

Most Valuable Career Skills

This month’s issue of Money Magazine discusses the 21 Most Valuable Career Skills. At the top of the list, statistical analysis increasing pay by 6.1%. Right behind statistical analysis is Data Mining at 5.1%. It’s incredibly easy to learn these two skills using QI Macros and Six Sigma.

Also on the list, Customer Service Metrics (4.3%). I have found that the written comments in customer service systems can be easily analyzed using the QI Macros Word Count tool to identify the most common type of call or complaint. Then simple root cause analysis can reduce or eliminate those calls.

Business analysis (3.8%) is easy with QI Macros Control Chart Dashboards. Stop using simple line, bar or pie charts. Start using charts that went to college, took statistics and can actually tell something about the operation of a business.

Lean (3.6%) is also easy. Just use sticky notes to diagram the process or material flow and then shorten or eliminate the arrows between activities. This will cut cycle time and defects by 50% or more.

Systems trouble shooting (3.3%) can be easy. Just follow the recipe in my “Dirty 30” process to identify the causes of the most common problems.

Take my free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training to learn how to master these top skills. With eight hours of study and 12 hours of practice you’ll find yourself in the top 5% of job candidates.

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