How to Increase Your Luck

How to Increase Your Luck

Dr. Richard Wiseman wrote a book called The Luck Factor that describes his research into what lucky people do that unlucky people do not do. I’d recommend it. Here’s the essence:

  1. Lucky people create, notice, and act on chance opportunities–synchronicity.
    • Create a network of lucky people
    • Be open to new experiences
    • Have a relaxed attitude that everything will work out.
  2. Lucky people make better decisions by listening to their gut feel and intuition.
    • Listen to your gut feel and act on it
    • Boost your intuition
  3. Lucky people expect the future to be so bright that they’ll have to wear shades.
    • Expect good luck to continue into the future
    • Lucky people persist in the pursuit of their goals long after unlucky people quit.
    • Expect your interactions to be successful.
  4. Lucky people transform bad luck into good fortune.
    • See the positive side of your good luck.
    • Assume that any ill fortune will work out for the best
    • Don’t dwell on bad luck
    • Take steps to prevent back luck in the future

Source: The Luck Factor, Dr. Richard Wiseman, Hyperion, NY, 2003.

This again demonstrates the power of belief:

  • If you believe you’re lucky, you’ll attract people, places, activities, knowledge and things that enhance and support your belief.
  • If you believe you’re unlucky, you’ll attract people, places, activies, knowledge and things that enhance and support that belief.

Which belief might be more useful to you over time?

One woman I know had been deaf since birth. On a hunch she took a trip to Equador with Dream Change. She worked with shamans who helped her restore her hearing.

She was one of the most refreshing people I’d ever met. When I asked her how she dealt with difficulty, she said: “I just ask myself: ‘What good will come from this?'”

Next time something unpleasant happens to you, ask yourself: “What good will come from this?” You might be surprised by the answer!

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