Tell a Friend About QI Macros

Tell a Friend About QI Macros

If you appreciate how much QI Macros helps you, please tell a friend about the software!

Why? Honestly, it’s because we we want to live in a world where more things are done right the FIRST time.

Can you imagine:

  • … a world where you don’t have to check your takeout order at the restaurant because it’s correct every single time?
  • … a healthcare system where an incorrect diagnosis happens only once every 2,000,000 patients?
  • … buying a car and knowing that the chance of any defect on the car in the first 10 years is one in 5,000,000?

That’s a world where Quality Improvement is embraced and celebrated. How do we get there? Start applying the tools of Quality everywhere. QI Macros can be a part of that process. Since you already are familiar with how QI Macros helps you, you can keep it moving by spreading the word to a friend, a co-worker, your management team…

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