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Why Are We Still Talking about Cp/Cpk and Pp/Ppk Formulas?

I found a discussion on MyASQ’s Website about Cpk formulas. Why is anyone talking about how to calculate formulas by hand? It’s a waste of time. Here’s why:

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma Demystified” and QI Macros [software].

“This morning I was out on the myASQ website, and there was a question about Cp and Cpk and Ppk formulas and stuff like that. And there was, you know, “Well, standard deviation” and “Why do we have to do R Bar over D2?” or whatever it was, you know. The answers were like, “Well, you know, standard deviation is pretty close to whatever…”

“I was [thinking], “What is the question here?

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Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship with Excel?

Few people take the time to learn how to use even basic formulas in Excel. I even found data to prove it. How much more effective could you be if you learn a little bit more about Excel?

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma Demystified” and QI Macros [software].

“Many years ago I went to an Excelapalooza conference. I know, ‘Excelapalooza’ sounds funky, doesn’t it? But it was interesting.

“We had one of the leaders of the Excel development team there and she was talking about all the new features and everything else that they’re plugging in, but she gave me some startling statistics.

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Six Sigma Formulas Cause Math Phobias

In the book, The Case Against Education: why the Education System is a Waste of Time and Money, author Bryan Caplan argues that, beyond reading, writing and basic ‘rithmatic, “most of what people learn in high school and college is unnecessary and quickly forgotten.”

I would argue that the same is true of Six Sigma; most of what people learn is unnecessary and quickly forgotten.

Peter Coy’s book review in Bloomberg BusinessWeek (January 22, 2018), states that many students struggle with algebra and drop out. City University of New York colleges are “experimenting with alternatives to conventional math because it’s a ‘killing field’ for many students,” says Chancellor James Milliken.

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