Agile Lean Six Sigma for Health Care - with Jay Arthur

Simple Steps to Fast, Affordable, Flawless Health Care

The state of current medical practice is so bad right now that there's not very much worth protecting about the old ways of doing things. Nobody in medicine wants to admit this but it's the truth. 

- Craig Field
Washington Hospital Center

We have divided this webinar by topic so you can watch at your convenience.

Reduce Delay Using Lean Simplified


The Economies of Speed

Simplify with 5S

The 7 Speed Bumps of Lean

Value Stream Mapping

Spaghetti Diagramming

Reduce Defects and Deviation Using Six Sigma Simplified

A Better Hospital in 5 Days

Reducing Never Events

Reducing Denied Insurance Claims

Implementing Six Sigma

Stop using old technology!

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Track Data Over Time

Primitive Chart
line graph
Line Graph
Smart Chart
control chart
Control Chart

Compare Categories

Primitive Chart
pie chart
Pie Chart
Smart Chart
pareto chart
Pareto Chart

Analyze Variation

Primitive Chart
bar or column chart
Bar or Column Chart
Smart Chart

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