Get the Simplified, Streamlined Shortcut to Lean Six Sigma Results

Before you invest years and hundreds of thousands of dollars implementing Lean Six Sigma, you should know that you can start getting immediate results for a fraction of the cost. KnowWare specializes in exactly that—simplified, streamlined solutions to Lean Six Sigma results.

Process Improvement Services

lean six sigma jumpstartShortcut to Results

If you want someone to hold your hand through your first Six Sigma project, we can help. If you’ve been struggling to turn data into an actionable improvement project, we can help you find the shortcut to dramatic results.

lean six sigma coachLean Six Sigma Coaching

Consider hiring Jay Arthur as your coach if you want to identify and implement breakthrough improvement projects more quickly using Lean Six Sigma Demystified.

lean six sigma consultant denverLean Six Sigma Consulting

Whether you’re new to Lean Six Sigma, are overwhelmed by data or already have some projects in mind, we have numerous consulting services to meet your needs.

online lean six sigma consulting and coachingLean Six Sigma Online Consulting

If we come to your site to work with your teams, these services would cost a minimum of $7,000 a day. But with our phone and email consulting you still get Six Sigma improvement stories.

excel coding and custom excel spreadsheets built to track key metricsCustom Excel Dashboards

Simplify and automate your dashboards and scorecards using a custom Excel based solution by KnowWare International. We specialize in health care and manufacturing customizations.

Reach Jay directly at 888-468-1537 or 303-756-9144 or at
to find out how we can help you shortcut to Lean Six Sigma results!