QI Macros SPC & Lean Six Sigma Templates

Work in iPad Excel App, Windows RT, & Excel 2013 Pre

QI Macros contains more than 100 fill-in-the-blank templates for all your Lean Six Sigma needs.

Excel 2013 (Pre) does not support macros, so to enable users of iPad Excel App, Windows RT tablets (e.g., Microsoft Surface), and Excel 2013 (Pre) to use these templates without the QI Macros menu, we've packaged the QI Macros templates as a standalone package.

A few of these templates use macros and they have been put in a separate folder. Simply extract the folders to My Documents and then open the files:

Add your data to the template to get the chart you want:

XmR Control Chart for Excel 2013 on Surface Tablet

Pareto Chart for Excel 2013 on Surface Tablet

Here is a list of the Charts and Tools in the QI Macros Templates with links to more detailed articles about their use:

Six Sigma Charts

Lean Tools

Planning Tools

Control Chart Dashboards

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