SPC Simplified Training Video

Use SPC to Monitor and Sustain All of Your Processes

For the busy quality practitioner to train front-line workers in Statistical Process Control. This video is perfect for overview or just-in-time team training.

The key to sustaining higher levels of quality and productivity reside in the control charts and histograms of statistical process control. Unlike other courses that burden the learner with all of the statistics behind these charts and graphs, this video focuses on analyzing the information in the graphs, because that’s all that’s really important - to understand what the graphs are telling you. The video also demonstrates how to use the QI Macros to create all of these graphs:

Attribute Charts (defects/sample):
c, u, np, p

Variable Charts (time, length, width, weight,volume, etc.):
• XmR (Individuals and Range)
• XbarR (Average and Range)
• XbarS (Average and Standard Deviation)
• Histogram with Cp and Cpk

This SPC 1 hour training video comes on DVD with a video guidebook. - Table of Contents

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