SPC Simplified eBook & Online Tutorials - Table of Contents

What is Statistical Process Control?


Control Plans

Control Charts

  • Stability Analysis
  • Which Control Chart Should I Use?
  • Other Control Charts for Special Circumstances (Short Run, EWMA, Cusum, Levey Jennings, ANOM, Hoteling)

Histograms and Process Capability

  • Understanding Distributions
  • Histograms and Capability Indices
  • Histogram and Weibull Distribution


  • Appendix A - Control Chart Formulas
  • Appendix B - Capability Metrics Formula Details
  • Appendix C - Capability Metrics Sample Calculation


Laser Focus Your Improvement Story

Sustain the Improvement

Slide Notes

  • SPC Simplified Introduction
  • Control Charts & Stability Analysis
  • Histograms and Capability Analysis

QI Macros Overview

  • Prepare Your Data
  • QI Macros PivotTable Wizard
  • QI Macros Control Chart Wizard

QI Macros Chart Overview

  • Attribute Charts (c, np, p, u)
  • Variable Charts (XmR, XbarR, XbarS)
  • QI Macros Control Chart Dashboards
  • Histograms and Capability Analysis Charts (Histogram, Frequency Histogram, Cp Cpk Worksheet)
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