Detailed examples and step by step instructions for creating and analyzing each Six Sigma & SPC tool using the QI Macros for Excel!

Six Sigma Tools Example BookI find it easier to work from an example, don't you? Since the QI Macros User Guide only shows you how to use the software, not how to be a Six Sigma wizard, many people have asked for a book of examples that they could turn to for guidance. This 89 page tool book containes examples from healthcare, manufacturing, and service industries to show you how to create and interpret each template or graph, and the associated metrics.

Table of Contents:

Using the QI Macros Overview

  • Creating Charts in the QI Macros
  • Prepare Your Data
  • Chart Wizard
  • Control Chart Wizard
  • Choosing the Right Control Chart
  • PivotTable Wizard
  • Statistics Wizard

Control Charts

  • Analyzing Stability
  • Attribute charts: c, np, p, u
  • Variable charts: XmR, XmR Trend, XbarR, XbarS, XMedianR, I-MR-R
  • Other Charts for Special Circumstances: Cusum, EWMA, Moving Average, Hotelling T2, Levey Jennings (Standard Deviation Chart)

Capability Charts

  • Histogram
  • Frequency Histogram
  • Weibull Histogram
  • Capability Suite
  • Box and Whisker Plot
  • Dot Plot and Values Plot
  • Running a Histogram in the QI Macros

Improvement Charts

  • Pareto Chart
  • Pareto Chart Features
  • Scatter Plot
  • Matrix Plot
  • Run Chart
  • Multivari Chart

Excel Charts

Statistical Tools

  • Anova: Single Factor, Two Factor
  • Chi Squared
  • F test
  • Regression Analysis
  • t test
  • Sample Size Calculator

Six Sigma Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates:

  • Control Chart Templates
  • Control Chart Dashboards
  • PreControl Chart
  • Cp and Cpk Worksheet
  • Time Tracking Template
  • Value Added Matrix
  • Value Stream Map
  • Flow Chart
  • Ishikawa (Fishbone) Diagram
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Control Plan
  • Design of Experiments
  • FMEA
  • Gage R&R: Average and Range, Anova, Bias and Linearity
  • QFD House of Quality
  • Planning and PM Tools

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