Motivation Profile

Motivation ProfileMotivation Profile enables our NLP students to quickly grasp their own motivation style and it reinforces their learnings about meta programs, representational systems, and time lines. Rachel Hott, Ph.D and Steven Leeds, M.A., Co-Directors of The NLP Center of NY

In just 30 minutes with the Motivation Profile you can begin to explore and learn how to use your:

  • communication style - visual, auditory, or kinesthetic
  • life and work preferences - people, places, information, activities, or things
  • motivational style - toward-away, proactive-reactive, big picture-detail, etc.
  • time orientation - past, present, or future

Once you discover your communication and motivational styles, you can examine how they affect your relationships and career. Based on what you learn, you can begin to focus your in areas that will help you achieve personal and professional success. You can compare scores with another person, spouse or co-worker to understand areas of conflict and alignment. Stephen Covey says: "Seek first to understand, and then to be understood." The Motivation Profile removes blame and develops understanding.

Unlike other personality profiles which tend to put you in a pigeonhole, The Motivation Profile helps you discover your destiny. From your personal characteristics, you'll discover your purpose in life, what Peter Senge calls "personal vision," and how it affects your career and relationships. Finally, you'll chart a course to achieve personal or professional success.

Case Studies

  • Team Work in The U.S. Strategic Defense Command
  • Top Insurer uses it to identify characteristics of Million Dollar Sellers
  • Telemarketing firm uses it to identify skills of top telesellers
  • Singapore Airlines uses it to improve customer correspondence
  • It profiles talents of College Baseball Teams

Take this Risk-Free Opportunity to use the Motivation Profile. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your profile or guidebook for a complete refund.

Motivation Profile eBook (#W100)