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This ezine begins with a complimentary 6-part Lessons On-Line series, which will be sent over the next two weeks. The series provides an overview of Lean Six Sigma, the key steps, the essential tools, and pitfalls to avoid. Lessons include:

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With over 100,000 users, our QI Macros for Excel software is popular in the service, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Over 2,500 hospitals use the QI Macros to improve healthcare quality.

Large companies like GE have turned to Lean Six Sigma to find the hidden gold in their business, but most small-to-medium sized companies can't afford the “all-or-nothing, wall-to-wall, floor-to ceiling” approach these giants take. There is better way.

Our Lessons On-Line course outlines our proven "crawl, walk, run methodology" and the few key tools needed to get dramatic and immediate results. Lesson #1 will be sent in the next 24 hours and the following lessons every 3 to 5 days over the next two weeks. You can go back to the previous lesson or forward to the next lesson by simply clicking on the links at the bottom of each page. The Lean Six Sigma Simplified Ezine is sent at the beginning of each month.

To get started on your Lean Six Sigma efforts, read Lean Six Sigma Demystified or consider scheduling an on-site, one day Lean Six Sigma Workshop.

Thank you again for your interest in Lean Six Sigma Simplified.

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