Resources and Installation Tips

QI Macros Lesson 1

Thank you for your interest in QI Macros for Excel. Our goal is for QI Macros to be the most valued part of your Lean Six Sigma, TQM or process improvement toolkit. 

If you have already gone through our trial lessons, this series of lessons contains links to more detailed "how to" information.

Make Your Own Backup Copy

If you just purchased and selected download only, please copy your setup file to a flash drive or CD immediately. After 30 days, there is a $35 charge for replacing lost files. We cannot replace your file if it is more than 12 months old.

Installation for PC, Mac and Network

For PC Users

Once you download the file, close Excel and then just double click on the QI Macros file to install the software. If you are loading a purchased license over the trial, there is NO need to uninstall - just make sure Excel is closed. 

Watch PC Installation Video

For MAC Users

Once you download the .app installation file and select Ctrl-Click-Open to run it, you will be asked to input your apple password to complete the installation process.

For a Network

  1. Load the QI Macros on a network server
  2. Open Excel and select Tools/Options/General
  3. Type the network server location for the QI Macros in the Alternate Startup file location box (e.g., h:/qimacros/xlstart).
  4. Note: you need to buy one license for every user who has access to the QI Macros via the network.

You have successfully installed the QI Macros when you see the QI Macros on your Excel menu:

PC: Excel 2013-2021, and Office 365

Mac: Excel 2019, 2021, and Office 365


Download or Installation Troubleshooting

  1. Download Problems: If you were not able to download the file due to a corporate firewall or for some other reason, send an email to We can resend you the file electronically.
  2. File Disabled by Excel: If the installation wizard ran, but you do not see the QI Macros on your menu bar, Excel may have disabled the macros. See easy fix at:
  3. If you have any other problems check out our tech support page or don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-468-1537 or (303) 756-9144 (outside of the US) or

QI Macros License and Copyright Info

QI Macros is a single user license, which means you need to purchase one license for every user.

Quantity discounts are offered on a per order basis so make sure you consolidate your orders to receive the best possible price.

QI Macros software is owned by KnowWare International Inc. and is protected by U.S. Copyright laws. Any enhancements added to the existing macros are considered the property of KnowWare. You may not copy, rent, or lease the QI Macros or the documentation accompanying it.

To Get the Most Out of QI Macros Take Advantage of these FREE Training Resources

  1. Free One Hour Webinars - check dates and register on-line.
  2. QI Macros Video Tour - sample videos showing how to use the QI Macros.
  3. Technical Support Page - Contains answers to common problems. If you don't find your question addressed, our tech support number is 888-468-1537. Questions regarding the QI Macros are free. However, there is a $95 fee for Excel and SPC help (up to 1/2 hour).
  4. Monthly Newsletters - monthly tips and how to articles sent to your inbox each month.

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In Lesson #2 we will cover tips for Creating Charts with the QI Macros.

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