Videos to Help You Get Started Using QI Macros

QI Macros is an affordable, easy-to-use add-in for Microsoft Excel. See our QI Macros FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about pricing, ordering, technical support, etc. Take this video tour to learn more about the QI Macros functionality and how they work. See our free QI Macros Training page for all of our free training resources.

Installing the QI Macros

To install the QI Macros simply close Excel and run the QI Macros Installation Wizard. Once you run the wizard, open Excel and see the QI Macros on your Microsoft Excel toolbar.


QI Macros Overview

Watch an overview of the QI Macros. QI Macros SPC Software for Excel has five parts and numerous wizards to assist with your data analysis:


30 Chart Macros

To create a chart using the QI Macros simply click and drag over your data and then select the chart you want to create from the QI Macros menu. Here are some videos of sample charts. See how easy it can be to create these Six Sigma charts in Excel using the QI Macros:


Lean Six Sigma-Templates, fishbones, Gage R&R, DOE, QFD and PPAP forms. To open a template click on Lean Six Sigma-Templates and then one of the sub menus. Most input areas are highlighted in yellow. Here are some sample fill-in the-blanks templates for your six sigma needs. Watch a video of:



Statistical Analysis Tools

QI Macros also includes easy to use statistical tools include anova, regression analysis, data normality test and sample size calculator. Here are some sample videos of the Anova and Analysis Tools: Watch a video of:

Data Transformation Tools


Other Free QI Macros Training Resources


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