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Synopsis of Some Top Books on Improvement

I read a lot of books, but I have found that most people are too busy to buy and read books that might help them. I don’t blame them; most books are thin on content. But every so often I find a book that’s so meaty that I have to add it to my library. I realized that there are no “Cliff Notes” for these kinds of books. So, as I find them and have time, I’m going to create a synopsis of each book and post it on this page.

transforming healthcare /></a>
	  <h5><a href=Transforming Health Care

by Charles Kenney, CRC Press, 2011.

This book is a dense and detailed review of Virginia Mason Medical Center’s (VMMC) ongoing journey from “physician-centered” to “patient-centered” healthcare. It explains how VM adapted the Toyota Production System (TPS) for use in healthcare. It became known as the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS). If you work in healthcare and are attempting the physician-to-patient centered transformation, I highly recommend this book.

transforming healthcare
Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals

by Peter Pronovost, M.D. and Eric Vohr, Plume, 2011.

Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals is an insightful look into the challenges and opportunities for saving time, saving money and saving lives in healthcare. Anyone considering these methods is embarking on the Hero’s Journey fraught with allies and enemies. I think it’s fantastic that we have heroes like Dr. Peter Pronovost chasing the dream of fast, affordable and flawless healthcare. Our children and grandchildren will benefit greatly from their efforts.

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