Is There A Trend in My Data?

A customer recently asked: How can I tell if there's really a trend in my data? He wanted to know if scans were increasing.

He had used Excel to add a trend tine to a bar chart, but wanted to know if there was a way to show control limits:

Line bar Chart with Trend

QI Macros XmR Trend Chart

Using QI Macros, you can create an XmR Trend Chart:

XmR Trend Chart of Patient Scans

  • In this case 0.6832 = 0.44 (a 44% fit).
  • Slope is increasing by 12 scans per month.
  • And the process is in control except for the range change in October.

He can count on a 12 patient increase per month.

Here's my Point: Use the QI Macros XmR Trend Chart to check your data for trends.

Trend Lines Can Lie

A trend line does not a trend make. Click here to find out why.

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