Why Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Products and Services

Ten Reasons

1. Longevity! We've been in business since 1997 with thousands of satisfied users of our Lean Six Sigma software and training products.

2. Save Time and Money! With our unique "crawl-walk-run" approach to Lean Six Sigma, you can train teams in as little as two hours and get results in three months or less using a proven Lean Six Sigma system!

3. Money Back Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with your product or service, just return the product and you owe us nothing!

4. Simplicity! We have found that a few key tools, used in the right sequence with the right focus can generate monstrous results. We don't teach everything there is to know about quality, just the essence to success.

5. Robustness! QI Macros provide the tools you will need as your Lean Six Sigma skills develop. Tools like QFD, DOE, and Gage R&R.

6. Ease of Use! QI Macros is easy to use and our integrated Wizards can analyze your data and select the right chart or statistic for you. 

7. No Hassles! We offer a risk-free, 30-day trial of any of our products. If you don't like them for any reason, just return them. No questions asked!

8. Pricing! Where else are you going to find free Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training with optional certification for only $97 USD? Or Lean Six Sigma software that runs in Microsoft Excel for only $369 USD? This means that you can get 10 copies of QI Macros for less than the cost of most other brands.

9. Information! Our website contains free QI Macros and Yellow Belt Training. Sign up for the free QI Macros monthly newsletter and Jay's Weekly Improvement Insights and stay up-to-date on the latest Lean Six Sigma information. You can also download our FREE "Money-Belt" Action Plan and 30-day trial of QI Macros that will let you get started solving problems today!

10. Support after the Sale! Once you start using the Lean Six Sigma System, you may need specialized guidance, tools or case studies. We can consult with you on-line or on-site to laser-focus your Lean Six Sigma efforts. We can program customized tools or case studies for your specific needs.

To your success with Lean Six Sigma,
To your success
Jay Arthur

P.S. People sometimes ask: "Jay, why are you doing this?" You're almost "giving away" the keys to Lean Six Sigma.

I agree. The secrets of success with Lean Six Sigma that I've distilled over the last decade are valuable, but the quality community has made it so complex and jargon-laden that somebody has to make these powerful tools available to all businesses, large and small.

It makes me mad to see the misinformation about implementing Lean Six Sigma. Lots of companies are going to try and most are going to fail, because they're using the same strategies for Lean Six Sigma that didn't work for TQM.

Get started today! Bring Jay on-site for a Lean Six Sigma workshop.