The KnowWare Team

Your customer service is outstanding! I’ve never encountered a nicer group, with such wonderful follow up! I love the program, and I work with it routinely.

- Beth Schaefer, RN
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers

You provide phenomenal support. Our phone call today and the information you sent, etc. was better than any customer support I have ever received from any company before. Thank you!

- Stephen Hess

Karen heads up our accounting and human resource departments.


Gretchen handles orders and fulfillment. She also manages all updates to product materials.


Nicholas (Nick) is head of technical support and system testing. He is an expert in both PC and Mac support.


Jay is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals and QI Macros. Jay handles all of the coding and creative development for QI Macros. He also writes books, articles, blogs as well as creating many of the videos available on the website.


Phil leads our customer success efforts and provides technical support.

Phil Meltzer

Ryan leads our Marketing team and provides technical support.

ryan eick

Dee is the energetic voice on our customer success team and serves as the grammar hammer for all of our written materials.

dee dukehart